EE Customer Services 0800 956 6000

The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the Customer Service website. Which can be found here.. Simply call to go through to the department.

 customer service helpline number
Industry Mobile Network Operator
Best calling hours Mon-Fri
09:00-18:00 GMT
Main Address
EE Complaints
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne & Wear


To contact the EE customer services department call the EE telephone number that is listed on this website.

Whenever you need to call ee mobile, you can do so by calling the number listed here. As a direct dial number, the caller will be able to speak with a member of the customer services team immediately, meaning whenever you need assistance you can get it. This is also supported by EE’s opening hours – they are open seven days a week. Whether you work the stereotypical working week or you are busy at the weekends, you can call the EE customer services team on  0800 956 6000

The EE contact number is available to be called 24 hours a day, but please be aware that the customer advisors are not available 24 hours a day. The late night hours are specifically there for customers in the instance that they have their phone lost or stolen; it is important to get a message to the service provider and the police as soon as you realise you have lost your phone. If you are an EE customer and wish to report your mobile phone as no longer being in your possession, please call the EE number immediately.

If you would rather not contact EE over the telephone, you can use their internet based services. On the EE website there is information regarding different ways to speak with a member of the EE customer services department, the internet based ones will be hyperlinked. This can be the most convenient way to receive the assistance you require but since EE do not only offer mobile phone contracts, they also offer internet services such as EE Broadband, it may not be possible to Contact EE broadband in this way.

EE Customer Service Contact 0844 381 6301 | EE Broadband

 EE offer communication services such as email and instant messaging so that customers are able to contact a member of EE customer services directly, but they also populate their website with a large amount of information that can be read without having to contact EE. This information comes in the form of frequently asked questions – problems and queries that EE have found to be regularly encountered by their customers. This is designed to assist customers with their acquisition of information, if they can find out the solution to their enquiry without contacting the company, then life is easier for the customer.

 EE Contact Number 0800 956 6000

 When customers choose to call the EE broadband contact number, they will be connected to an automated menu which requests that the caller selects the option that is most relevant to their personal enquiry. Amongst other things – customer feedback forms, gathering data of email correspondence for example – this is one way that EE learn what information most customers are looking for. While customers may find it frustrating to listen to an automated menu, it is important to remember that if they do not listen and select the option most closely related to their enquiry, they are not assisting the company in the best way to allow for EE to offer as efficient customer service as possible.

It is important to remember that while this is a direct dial number through to the EE customer support department, Contact Telephone Numbers has no affiliation with EE and therefore cannot be of assistance to their customers. EE will most likely record all calls in order to use the data for training and monitoring purposes.

EE Contact Number  0800 956 6000

EE are a fairly new company in terms of operating as a company on their own – they are a hybrid company made up of T-mobile and Orange. These are two major mobile phone provider companies who operate in the UK but in order to strengthen their businesses, combined to make one company with a wider extent of coverage. This also means that EE are working to establish their customer service and relations so when the EE Customer service number is dialed, the customer is perhaps more likely to receive a high level of service.

It also means that if they do not receive the level of service which they expect, now is a prime opportunity to give feedback to the EE. Customer service is a major dimension of any business now and it has to be acknowledged that there are different attitudes for each channel over which customer service is offered. For instance, if a customer uses the EE contact phone number to contact EE, they will receive a different type of customer service to if they send an email to the EE customer service team.

The nature of the business EE conducts also means they are dedicated to making sure the service, all service that is offered by the company is valuable. The mobile phone provider company industry has five or six major players, all of whom are aiming at the top spot. In order to reach this spot the company has to offer their customers to the best service possible, and that covers all of the bases from the level of mobile coverage they offer to the customer service they offer. It is customers who ultimately make or break a company, so contact ee mobile if you have any questions at all.

More information on EE can be found on the official EE website: