Parcel Force Contact Number UK 0344 800 4466

The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the Customer Service website. Which can be found here.. Simply call to go through to the department.

 customer service helpline number
Industry Fast Track UK Parcel Couriers
Best calling hours Mon-Fri
09:00-18:00 GMT
Main Address
Unit 3
Drum Road
Drum Industrial Estate, Chester Le Street
United Kingdom

Whether you are tracking your delivery or wish to post abroad – call the Parcelforce phone number on 0844 385 1249 now for an instant response.

Parcelforce Phone Number

Parcelforce have been one of the leading parcel couriers in the UK since their privatisation in the 1990s – their website boasts of customer figures exceeding 30,000 nationwide. Aided by substantial investment from the Royal Mail Group – who put in £75 million to the company in 2012 over four years – they are seeking to expand beyond their Coventry headquarters with the construction of three further processing centres in the UK. The couriers came into being when the Royal Mail was separated into three main divisions in 1986 – ultimately gaining its current moniker in 1992 at the beginning of a period that saw the company shift its focus more towards business next-day deliveries. You can call the customer service service team directly on 0844 385 1249.

During what hours is the Parcelforce Phone Number open for customer service queries?

If you are having trouble with a Parcelforce delivery or arranging having a parcel being sent via the service, then you can contact the customer service team using this number: 0844 385 1249 at the following times:

8.00am – 7.00pm Monday to Friday

8.30am – 5.00pm on Saturday and 9.00am – 5.00pm on Sunday

Please note that this line will be closed on public holidays.

parcelforce-vanWhat services can the Parcelforce phone number offer?

Parcelforce offer a range of different pricing options which inkeeping with their competition will often depend on the size as well as the weight of the package that the customer wishes to deliver. Next day or two-day deliveries to the UK are typical services offered by Parcelforce – although they also provide a timed service which promises next day AM delivery. This remains the same price anywhere in the UK.

For anyone looking to deliver a parcel beyond the UK, Parcelforce can supply a next day service, which promises 24-hour delivery at the earliest. They also offer a range of  longer delivery times which are balanced out by costing less. Those who are likely to be sending parcels regularly – typically businesses – may wish to become account holders with the company, which will then offer them access to a range of specialised services.

Why should I call the Parcelforce phone number?

Although it is possible to find out pricing information online through the Parcelforce website, there is always the chance of negotiating hidden discounts by contacting them directly in order to assess the full range of options available – particularly if you are a loyal customer. Thanks to Parcelforce’s ability to track deliveries for their customers, calling their service team is a popular option for those unsure when their parcel will arrive or if they suspect their delivery to be late. Those who are wondering how long their delivery might take are also encouraged to call up directly for an accurate estimation of when they can expect to receive it.

I’ve missed a delivery – what should I do?

If someone is out at the time of delivery, it is likely they will have received a note from the company asking to call them back to set up an alternative delivery time – this can be done via 0844 385 1249.

Making a complaint

Complaints can also be made through the Parcelforce phone number; these might include reporting a parcel that has gone missing or been damaged during delivery. If this is the case, then it is important to have as much evidence to back your case up as possible as the company sometimes compensates such issues – although they are often reluctant to. If you are concerned about your delivery, then you should contact the Parcelforce team via their customer service team on 0844 385 1249.

Parcelforce worldwide delivery Parcelforce-Contact-Number


Parcelforce deliver worldwide, although they have several global competitors – most notably from the USA in the form of Fed-Ex as well as UPS. Nevertheless, the company have made several innovations within the courier business which has raised their profile considerably – for instance, in 2007 they become the first express carrier in the UK to give their customers the option of offsetting the carbon emissions associated with the delivery of their parcels. They did this by allowing customers to donate to environmental charity The Woodland Trust for every delivery, which Parcelforce would then match – something their customer service team should be able to advise on.

Writing to Parcelforce customer services

As Parcelforce is a central service that is operated out of a multitude of locations across the country, there is no central head office address as such, however you can find your local Post Office and Parcelforce depot by calling the Parcelforce contact number on 0844 385 1249 or visiting this link and entering your postcode.

Do not delay and have your query answered instantly by calling the Parcelforce phone number on 0844 385 1249.