BT Customer Services 0800 800 150

The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the Customer Service website. Which can be found here.. Simply call to go through to the department.

 customer service helpline number
Best calling hours Mon-Fri
09:00-18:00 GMT
Main Address
BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT


bt customer serviceWhat does ‘BT Wi-Fi’ stands for?

BT Wi-Fi stands for a wireless broadband service which one can access at numerous hotspots (public places) such as hotels, airports, service stations, coffee shops and important city centers. Enjoy free and unlimited access at more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots all around the Ireland and the UK, and at certain locations outside of the UK.

And along with ‘BT Broadband’ you’re offered free unlimited ‘BT Wi-Fi’ access, so you don’t have to pay anything for a dongle or 3G to access internet while you move. But in case if you have not availed ‘BT Broadband’, then you require a BT Wi-Fi voucher or subscription.

0844 385 1269

bt customer service

Along with BT Broadband what do I get?

For home connection:

‘BT home Broadband’ comes with:

  • A BT home-hub, with top class wireless signal, built-in security and wireless ‘n’ technology.
  • An online storage service for your valuable files, photos and much more.
  • 24 x 7 BT customer service helpline via landline or online.
  • Best of the all the web at a single place via your BT Yahoo! Homepage.

For business connection:

‘BT Business Broadband’ comes with:

  • A BT Business-hub equipped with “Smart Wireless” which selects the strongest wireless channel.
  • 10 additional email addresses.
  • ‘Spam Protection’ and ‘Outlook Web Access’.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • 24*7 BT customer care helpline via landline or online.

In addition, BT Wi-Fi minutes (unlimited) for internet access while you are out and about.

bt customer service

How can we use the unlimited and free BT Wi-Fi which we get with the BT Broadband?

Now in case if you’ve signed up since March 2009, for the ‘BT Broadband’ service, then you are already enrolled for the ‘BT Wi-Fi’, except if you have opted out.

Now you’re required to check your status, then either opt in or opt out. And once you choose to opt in, you can use the BT Broadband email password and address to get online at any ‘BT Wi-Fi hotspot’.

bt customer service

BT Customer Services

All the customers can dial the BT Customer service number, whenever they need to talk with them and enquire whatever they like. The BT official website has been populated with pages comprising of a lot of information so as to aid the customer establish an answer pertaining to BT enquiry. In this case, there is no need to call the BT customer helpline. The phone lines get freed up for other customers, who are anxious to resolve their problem with the aid of telephone. When the BT contact number is dialed, the caller is initially connected to an automated menu. This menu offers a series of options, and the user is requested to choose the option that is most closely associated to their enquiry. BT makes sure that your call gets directed to the most relevant member of their staff.


0844 385 1269

The customers can also get a note on BT website, in case they find that BT is not providing any indication to their complaints. All the customers visiting the website can get the answers to your BT questions. This kind of service is helpful in case of emergencies, and it can be utilized in frequently asked questions section of the website. In this situation, there is no need to call the BT customer service department. There is another option of entering into an instant message chat with an executive of the customer service team. You can send an email, as it allows for an instant and inclusive response to be supplied to the customer, and without any need to place a phone call. The customers can dial BT phone number, as it allows for an instant opportunity to get resolve any problem. This number offers valuable and efficient service, and both the customer and company aim will be able to accomplish this.

BT Customer Services Contact BT

bt customer service

What is the difference between BT Wi-Fi and BT Openzone?

Now ‘BT Wi-Fi’ is the latest name for the BT Wi-Fi service. One can still opt to use his/her BT Openzone voucher/subscription in the usual way and in case you own a BT Broadband connection you still can access free as well as unlimited Wi-Fi at every BT Wi-Fi hotspots at places such as John Lewis, Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, Younga Pubs, Thistle & Guoman Hotels, Welcome Break, shopping centers, Roadchef and significant city centers.

You can still view as well as use either the BT Wi-Fi or the BTOpenzone from the available ‘list of networks’ on your particular device.

bt customer service

What is the wireless or Wi-Fi broadband?

These are one and the same thing. In simple words, it is a broadband connection without any wires. And you’re able to do similar activities which you could do with any wired connection in the office or at home such as emails, Twitter, Face book, music, games and much more.

And ‘BT Wi-Fi’ also means you can get free and unlimited internet at more than 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots all around the Ireland and the UK.

bt customer service

BT Contact Number


You can contact BT by directly calling

0800 800 150

. The number listed here is a direct contact number for BT customer service department. Here, all of your enquiries will get answered swiftly. The customers who place call to the BT phone number are expected to get top quality customer service possible. The executives are always ready to offer all the information required by any customer. It could be frustrating if a call is placed, and it is being greeted by a less passionate employee. As a result, it may lead to getting less efficient help and support by the customers. BT is committed to offer the best quality service possible. Here, all the executives who populate the BT contact number are skilled to the greatest standard. They are able to provide all the help and support needed by the customers.

BT Customer Services Number

When calling BT Customer Service

0800 800 150

, the same basic procedure has to be followed. Firstly, the caller will listen to an automated menu that permits the customer to choose an option most related to the subject of the inquiry. The main reason behind this menu is to connect the caller directly to the right division within the BT customer services department. With the help of the BT helpline number, you will be connected directly to the customer service department. The selection of the most appropriate option from the menu will ensure that you are instantly connected with an executive of the team in order to get the required assistance. Different sections within the customer service department are proficient in the various aspects of the BT Company. In case, you seem to upgrade your existing service, you would have to talk to a different executive.

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Is BT Wi-Fi secure enough?

Now to ensure a service which is reliable, robust as well as secure, the ‘BT Wi-Fi’ encrypts the account information at login. You’re also recommended to update your firewall as well as the anti-virus software to thwart any online attacks and you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to prevent any data interception. Just look for the option to disable cookies in the internet browser section. Though, some websites might not support this particular function.

Why to opt for BT Wi-Fi?

Now BT Wi-Fi offers free and unlimited internet access (in case if BT Broadband is availed), at top class speeds, at more than 5 million public places (hot spots) all around the UK. Internet can easily be accessed wherever you wish to such as in hotels, cafes, airports, stations and important city centers. And you can even select from various brand names which offers ‘BT Wi-Fi’ service like Roadchef, Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, Welcome Break and Thistle Hotels.

What does ‘Fon’ stands for?

Now ‘BT Wi-Fi’ is a ‘Fon international Wi-Fi community’ member. And all the BT Broadband clients who have ‘opted in’ would agree and adhere to share a fraction of their ‘Wi-Fi bandwidth’ securely via another channel on their hub. And in response, they are allowed to use the world’s biggest Wi-Fi network free of cost, covering more than 12 million Wi-Fi public places (hotspots) throughout the world.

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Which is the better ‘BT Broadband’ option?

There are 2 types of broadband:

Ultrafast fibre ‘BT Infinity’.

And the standard ‘BT Broadband’.

Now ‘BT Infinity’ offers an ultrafast fibre optic connection with broadband speeds reaching 76Mb which allows ultimate downloading and/or streaming of movies, music and TV shows. And you can enjoy HD video with least buffering and iPlayer with least interruption.

And in case if you can’t avail ‘BT Infinity’ or if you reside at a place with average internet usage as well as lesser devices, then the standard ‘BT Broadband’ is the perfect option. It is ideal for average day to day browsing, sharing and/or uploading photos and average online streaming content.

How to find out the BT Broadband speed?

BT is always committed to provide you with the fastest broadband internet speeds even during peak hours on your line. To check how fast your broadband can go, just use the BT broadband ‘speed checker’.

What does ‘BT Infinity’ stands for?

  • BT Infinity is the synonym for the ultrafast ‘fibre optic broadband’.
  • The fibre optic technology delivers ultrafast broadband internet speed reaching up to 76Mb which allows you better online access service comparatively with any other service provider.
  • BT infinity allows faster downloading and/or streaming of movies, music and TV shows. And you can enjoy HD video with least buffering and iPlayer with least interruption. ‘BT Infinity’ is also needed to access the ‘BT TV Entertainment package’ which comes with twenty premium entertainment channels. In addition, you’ll get BT Sport for free.

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What does ‘BT Home-Hub’ stands for?

Now, a BT Home-Hub means a router which connects all the devices such as your PCs, Smartphone handsets, tablets and game consoles, with the internet. And if you are an existing customer or are new to ‘BT Broadband’ or if you’re upgrading to fibre optic broadband ‘BT Infinity’ package, then the ‘BT Home Hub’ router will be part of your order.

And in case you opt for the ‘BT Infinity’ package, you’ll receive a ‘BT Home- Hub 5’ router. And in case you opt for the ‘standard BT Broadband’ package, you’ll receive a ‘BT Home-Hub 4’ router.

Reminder: Delivery charges are applicable.

bt customer service

Do I require a BT phone line?

Yes, a BT phone line is required in case if you wish to opt for the ‘BT Broadband’ as well as the ‘BT TV’.

Are there any activation charges for the ‘BT Infinity’?

Now in case you order for the ‘BT Infinity-1’, ‘BT Infinity-Extra’ or the ‘Unlimited BT Infinity- 1’ package, then there is a £30 activation charge. And in case you order for the ‘Unlimited BT Infinity 2’ package, then there are nil activation charges.

bt customer service

Are You Looking For Number to Contact BT Broadband Customer Service?

The BT telephone number is a direct contact number for BT broaband customer services department. In this website, we have listed all direct dial contact numbers for all the foremost UK companies. We are committed to offer the most beneficial and cost-effective direct dial numbers in the UK. The call charges for all of our numbers are the same per minute, and all the callers can utilize the same including the BT phone number with full confidence. All the numbers have been structured in the identical way, and we offer only direct contact numbers that connect the user directly to the BT customer services department. The BT phone number is a direct dial number, and there is no middle man involved in the whole conversation. We are rapidly growing as the most cost effective and beneficial directory Enquiry Company in the UK.

How to confirm if there are any BT-sockets at my place?

First check if there are any phone-sockets at your place. Just ensure to search at all the less obvious points such as under the stairs. Also check for the BT logo on the socket box’s front (in case if you find any BT sockets).

The other way is to place an online order and the BT-team will conduct a line-check to verify if you have any phone-line connection with BT.

Reminder: You’re required to type-in your postcode in the ‘Start your order’ page after choosing your package.

What protection and security comes along with the ‘BT Broadband’?

Now ‘BT Parental Controls’ comes with each ‘BT Broadband’ packages as standard that allows you to set-up personal security as well as parental controls.

And in case you opt for the ‘Broadband Extra’, ‘Infinity Extra’, ‘Unlimited Broadband Extra’, ‘Unlimited BT Infinity 1’ or/and ‘Unlimited BT Infinity 2’, you will be provided with an advanced BT NetProtect Plus and BT security software without any extra cost.

And in case you opt for ‘BT Broadband’, ‘Unlimited Broadband’ or/and ‘BT Infinity 1’, then you can avail ‘BT NetProtect Plus’ for a little monthly extra cost.

Powered by McAfee, the BT NetProtect Plus offers you:

    • Anti-spyware as well as anti-virus which protect your system/devices from any malicious software.
  • Firewall to prevent outsiders from hacking / accessing your computer system.
  • Top class IT-Security-System to protect you from any phishing emails and/or identity theft.
  • ‘SiteAdvisor’ to guide you about all the safer websites.

Reminder: ‘BT NetProtect Plus’ is available on both Mac and PC.

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How to install ‘BT Infinity’?

After you order, BT team would let you know if any engineer is required or you can yourself install your ‘BT Infinity’.


    • After you place the order, BT team will offer the date of the earliest possible installation or even you can select your own date.
  • You’ll receive a ‘BT Home Hub 5’ by post at least two days prior to the date of installation and the router easily fits through most of the letterboxes.
  • On the day of the activation, you’re not required to be at your place. An engineer will visit your street cabinet and ‘Switch On’ the new ‘BT Infinity’ for you. And in case you’re at your place and already own a broadband internet connection, it’ll be interrupted for up to thirty minutes while the street cabinet job is finished by the engineer.
  • You’ll receive a text from BT when the broadband connection is ready. After that you’re required to carefully follow all the instructions to plug in the new ‘BT Home Hub 5’ router as well as your broadband filters (in case you require these) and start with your ‘BT Infinity’.


    • After you place the order, you can select and fix any suitable morning or an afternoon time.
  • You’ll receive a ‘BT Home Hub 5’ by post at least two days prior to the date of installation and the router easily fits through most of the letterboxes.
  • On the day of the fixed appointment, an engineer from BT will give you a call to inform you about their arrival before performing their street cabinet job of ‘Switching On’ the ‘BT Infinity’ service.
  • After that the engineer will plug in the new ‘BT Home Hub 5’ at your home and then you can start to enjoy the ultrafast ‘BT Infinity’ service

bt customer service

BT Broadband Contact Number – Customer enquiries

BT is now looking to expand the network of their services. They aim to bring more customers, and succeed over other companies offering identical type of services. By simply dialing the BT Broadband number; it will permit you to know more about all of the services offered by them. BT is dedicated to offer all of the customers the same level of services and at greater value for money. The BT phone number listed on this website allows you to learn every sort of offers that you could be getting.

You can call the BT telephone number at whatever time it is most suitable to you.  This numbers allows you to talk with an executive of the customer services team. All the numbers listed here, including the BT phone number, are accessible to be called seven days a week. Whenever you opt to call, it will have no effect on the cost of the call. Whenever a BT landline is used to place the call to BT contact number, the charges will be just 5p per minute. Another landline or a mobile phone may incur additional costs or extra charges per call.

We are an autonomous company which offers this kind of service. We cannot make assurance what the other companies will charge. When you opt to call BT contact number, it is necessary that the bill payer should be more than 18 years of age, and should have got the authorization to place the call.

bt customer service

How to install the ‘standard BT Broadband’?

    • After you place the order, BT team would let you know if any engineer is required or you can yourself install your broadband. Then you can even select a suitable installation date.
  • You’ll receive a ‘BT Home Hub 4’ by post at least two days prior to the date of installation and the router easily fits through most of the letterboxes.
  • Now, in case an engineer visits your place they’ll do the set up job and then plug in the ‘BT Home Hub 4’ and/or in case you don’t require an engineer then simply you can plug the router in by yourself and start to enjoy the ‘standard BT Broadband’ service.

What does the ‘Unlimited Faster Broadband’ means?

Now in case if you reside in an area which is ‘BT Infinity-enabled’ but the street cabinet is quite far from your home, then surely you’d be getting slower internet speeds. And in case if you’re getting a speed of around 2-15Mb, BT will offer you the ‘Unlimited Faster Broadband’ in place of ‘BT Infinity’. The ‘Unlimited Faster Broadband’ will give faster broadband speeds than the ‘standard BT Broadband’.

After ordering, how long does it take to start your ‘BT Broadband’ or ‘BT Infinity’ at your place?

You will be getting your ‘standard BT Broadband’ or the ‘BT Infinity’ fully setup and running within a fortnight, though it might take a bit longer. And on the day, your service will be ‘Switched On’ any time till midnight for you to enjoy a hassle free broadband experience for assistance call

0800 800 150

bt customer service

What does the FTTP (fibre to the premise) means?

BT offers the ‘BT Infinity’ service through fibre optic technology known as FTTP (fibre to the premise) for some of the homes in the UK. Now a fibre cable is being installed all the way directly right into your place to avail you the superfast broadband internet speeds which reaches up to 300Mb so that you can experience the ultimate broadband speed which is the BT’s fastest option till date.

After ordering ‘BT Broadband’, when do I require to provide the MAC code?

Now in case you require a ‘Migration Authority Code’ (MAC code), BT team will let you know whenever you order the ‘BT Broadband’ and whenever it’s required by them. An in case you don’t require a MAC then you won’t have to contact your supplier as BT will do the same for you.

Any many individuals might require a ‘Migration Authority Code’ (MAC code) in order to switch to BT and they might have to enquire your supplier for it. The ‘Migration Authority Code’ (MAC code) actually identifies the broadband line and informs BT that the client has given his/her permission to switch. Now according to Ofcom the communications regulator in the UK your present supplier should provide you the Code within five working days. And the MAC code lasts for thirty days.