HSBC Contact Number UK 0345 740 4404

The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the Customer Service website. Which can be found here.. Simply call to go through to the department.

 customer service helpline number
Industry Banking & Financial Services Organisation
Best calling hours Mon-Fri
09:00-18:00 GMT
Main Address
HSBC Bank plc
Harry Weston Road
West Midlands

Our HSBC Contact Number will direct you to their main customer service team. A member of the call centre staff within HSBC will gladly assist with your enquiry.

HSBC Contact NumberHSBC is an international bank based in the UK, offering many different products and banking services to it’s customers. Below you can find a list that should provide you with an HSBC contact number to help you deal with any queries you may have.

For all account enquiries including setting up new accounts, transferring your account from another bank, applying for credit cards, mortgages and more, you can use the HSBC contact number. Existing customers can also call this line in order to discuss account problems amongst other things. This includes if your card has been lost or stolen.

What are the opening times for the HSBC Contact Number?

HSBC contact numberIf you would like to contact the customer service team at HSBC in order to discuss your account or any of the products that the banking group can offer, you can contact the team by calling 0345 740 4404 between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week.

However it is to be expected that the service on this line will be reduced on public holidays such as Christmas. New Year and Bank Holidays. You can contact this number in order to discuss issues with your Internet banking too.

What is the best address to use in order to write to HSBC?

HSBC phone numberIf you feel that you have a grievance that you would like to take up with HSBC customer service team it is advised that you call the HSBC contact number 0345 740 4404

however if you feel that you would like to take things one step further you can write to the customer service department at the following addresses:

For specific enquiries, you can reach HSBC on the following address:

The Manager,Customer Care Team,PO Box 6125,COVENTRY,CV3 9GW

For general enquiries, it is preferred if you send your mail to the following:

HSBC Bank plcHarry Weston RoadBinleyCoventryWest MidlandsCV3 2SH
If you are a new business customer looking for advice on the products and services available to you, please use our HSBC contact number: 0345 740 4404

HSBC customer servicesHSBC as every other high street bank offer advice on investments, mortgages, business and personal bank accounts and savings accounts, insurance borrowing and all kinds of financial planning. Call the HSBC Contact Number to speak with an advisor or click here.

On calling our HSBC contact number you will be asked to enter your branch sort code or your 16 digit card number. Please make sure that you do have these ready at your time of call.

All of the above information and a full list of all contact numbers and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain.